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What’s the big deal? Who is this guy? Well, with all the hatred I thought maybe I could quote a great article titled Five Common Digg Trolls. Let’s see what this dude has to say.

NoLibrarians NoCFL NoGoldSurge NoPaul2012 NoLasagna NoLiberties NoRand2010 TheLegionofNo NoTeaParty NoPaultards NoSharronAngle NoPeterSchiff NoDipsticks StatistOne StatistTwo

Do any of these guys look familiar to you? Well you are not alone in suspecting foul play! We have thoroughly researched and documented this band of ne’er-do-wells who troll and prey on any Digg sub that would ever suggest that the government has too much power.

Although a few of these accounts are actually unique individuals, such as NoLasagna and NoLibrarians, the vast majority of these pricks are thought to be the same person due to their propensity of using identical sentence structures and jargon. Moreover, they can usually be spotted by their overuse of the word “son” and the branding of anybody who disagrees with them as immature losers.

It is thought that this band of merry trolls was behind ThePartyStar Affair, being evidenced by the fact that several of the NoClones who weren’t posting such nasty diatribes were banned at the same time. Due to such evidence, The Rattington Post recommends that anybody who runs across a NoClone bury and ignore his comments without even responding.

I suppose this is somewhat a fair description, aside from the troll designation. Digg used to be a site that was somewhat like Reddit (yeah reddit people don’t get too worked up with that description). I’ll provide a little more context to this whole thing.

Ron Paul was quite the phenomenon on the internet with his 2008 Republican run. It was really the first time that some fringe candidate and social media sort of mixed together. A lot of us were getting sick of all the focused campaigns to get Ron Paul content into social media. These we regarded as spam. Just manipulating what Digg and other social media platforms were designed for. So obviously some of us objected to it and would share our vitriol with what Ron Paul was. Libertarians, tend to be precious snow flakes, and were upset with this reality.

The truth is that the most hated of these all was an account known as NoLibertarians. I’m not sure if that account eventually was banned and it was replaced with a new one called NoLibrarians. I have no desire for the “No” name, but it really took on a life of its own. A conspiracy of “No’s” seem to grow, so I ended up making my own “No” name – NoLasagna.