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It’s pretty tough for me to write an informative post about Alex Jones. If I was to sum it up in a concise manner I would say that he is probably one of the most popular conspiracy theorists out there. Like any theorist, everything is a conspiracy because his central conspiracy is the New World Order. Books and books could be written on this topic, so you can check out the New World Order at Wikipedia to get a good idea of what it is.

This same delusion is something that you find in just about all Ron Paul supporters. If you hear a supporter claim they don’t like Alex Jones it most likely has nothing to do with his crazy views. It most likely is related to the fact that Jones doesn’t hold Jewish conspiracies that are often associated with the New World Order. This causes a conspiracy rift inside the Ron Paul/Libertarian movement.

Some Alex Jones conspiracies include:

  • 9/11 was an inside job
  • Oklahoma City Bombing was a government plot (to steal guns from Americans)
  • The New World Order is putting things in our food to turn us gay
  • The UN wants to exterminate 80% of the worlds population
  • The UN wants to take over the world and have a one world government (and steal guns)
  • And a lot more

It’s hard to write a page on Alex Jones because there are so many different types of crazy that comes out of his mouth that I can’t get it all. I think one single video can explain exactly what kind of crazed lunatic this guy really is. Youtube Link

There are also countless videos and audio recordings of Ron Paul coming on Alex Jones radio program to talk about the New World Order and all the different tangents that come from that topic. Check out some of the links below:

Alex Jones has also produced a number of “documentaries”. They’re not documentaries, just the same way that Michael Moore’s films are not documentaries. They’re political motivated pieces of film. There are a few dozen, but I’ll list a few of the ones that I’ve actually seen.

  • 911 The Road to Tyranny
  • Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove
  • Police State 3: Total Enslavement

All the videos are retarded and based on the same loose logic and outright lies you’ll hear on his radio show. I don’t advise anyone to ever watch any of his documentaries as you will lose part of your life.

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