An Open Letter to Jason Kenney

Dear Premier Jason Kenney,

On September 3th, 2021 you announced that due to the unvaccinated people in this province, the hospital and ICU are filling up. The ICU in particular is reaching max capacity. You also announced that due to this everyone's freedom will be punished. Masks for all. Private businesses that serve alcohol are restricted from serving alcohol after 10 pm and unvaccinated people should limit their group settings (how will that even be enforceable?)

I can't help but feel betrayed. I am a person that went out and got the 'jab' as soon as it was available to me. The Federal Government did a horrible job procuring vaccines, so I waited. I dealt with restrictions and lockdowns longer than I should have. My freedoms were stifled, for the common good of the healthcare system.

And here we are, with a 70% fully vaccinated eligible population and the restrictions are coming back again.

It seems like a recurring theme where the people who make smart choices are always punished for the sake of those that make the bad choices. Their freedom to not get vaccinated is more important, while my freedom gets lost to restrictions, masks, and potential lockdowns. And you also expect me to give them tax dollars that I pay.

I empathize with your laissez-faire approach. I don't want to force people to get vaccinated. I don't want vaccine passports. I do agree private businesses should be able to make these choices.

But if you tie the vaccinated to the unvaccinated, and my freedom becomes attached to their poor choices - you're playing a game of protecting someone's freedoms at the expense of others freedoms. My freedom is not to be tied to them, nor do I recognize it being tied to ICU admissions.

We know that COVID19 treats vaccinated and unvaccinated people a lot differently. Am I going to continuously be tied to the unvaccinated?

I will not be locked down again. I have never protested before on the streets, but this has me to this point. The ongoing restrictions on my life are done now. I'm vaccinated. I'll not put up with them coming back.

So what's it going to be Premier?

Let me be clear, I'm not for vaccine passports, but if you're going to curb MY FREEDOM for the sake of the unvaccinated, then I will take the vaccine passports. If you're tying my freedoms to the unvaccinated and ICU admissions - either lock the unvaccinated down or make more beds.

My freedom is not available to your restrictions.



Letter written on September 4 2021