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Why Two Factor Authentication Isn't Great

  Two Factor Authentication (2FA), also known as Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is a form of authentication that has more than one secret - each secret independent of the others - in the process of authentication. I’m writing this to collect and organize my thoughts on this, as well as the thoughts others have had on the subject. It seems like every time security is discussed regarding an account, Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is always brought up. Even in the cases where it absolutely will provide no help whatsoever . I'll state now that this is a rough draft and more me dumping my thoughts down into words. Feel-Goodery is on the rise I’m starting with this as this seems to be an emotionally driven discussion with people. Those presenting counter arguments are often down voted and ridiculed - not ridiculed with sound argument, but with this desire for feel-goodery - as if someone is insulted to be told things. I actually use 2FA on a lot of accounts. I just think it’s