Thoughts on the People's Party of Canada

The People's Party of Canada is the new party formed by Maxime Bernier. Bernier has been a politician I have been following for years now and he has some interesting things to say. I was definitely rooting for him to win the CPC nomination process, but unfortunately was beat out slightly by Andrew Scheer. The main reason I followed him was his opposition to the supply management system - something I also have a hatred for.

For those that don't know, Maxime split from the Conservative party after he felt they were basically being position less and trying to be more Liberal-lite. This is something I totally agree with. Conservatives in general don't stand for anything. When Maxime had his press conference announcing he was leaving and forming a new party, he mentioned "Ideas". That he stood for "ideas" and that really resonated in me. I don't give a crap about parties, or politicians. I'm interested in ideas and the policies that flow from those ideas.

Let's just say I was excited.

First, he made his party. The People's Party of Canada. I despise the name. Yes, it's just a name and totally superficial of me to hate it. Just reminds me of some communist crap. I don't hold too much against the party based on the name alone.

My big issue is the trash of people that have gravitated toward the party. Maxime claims there is this bipartisan type flow of people interested, from the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP. This alone screams at best centrist party. The people I see on twitter are those that are Trump supporters, Ford supporters. People I regard as reactionary conservatives. They don't stand for anything. They're not interested in ideas. Whatever seems to be counter to liberals and liberal culture is all that matters. Also the anti-immigration folks too, like the Faith Goldy types. That scares me.

This has totally turned me off. Yeah, the Conservative Party of Canada sucks. The Liberal Party of Canada sucks. The New Democratic Party of Canada sucks. The Green Party of Canada sucks. The Libertarian Party of Canada is evil. And now the People's Party of Canada will probably suck.

Why? It's simple. Politics isn't the driver. It's not like there is a political void, there's an intellectual void. The reason the CPC sucks and is too cowardly to assert positions, because people that are conservative actually don't believe in anything. The left, unfortunately, at least holds some ideals. They're aiming in a direction, as stupid as I may think. It's not like there aren't parties that believe in free market capitalism. Andrew Scheer looking at polls to make decisions at least understands that most Canadians don't want it and can't accept it.

Another party, like the People's Party, full of people that don't even believe in capitalism or even fully know how to defend it - are not going to lead us there. Intellectual conversations are the only way and when that work is done, the politics will just follow.

May 10 2019: I had to unfollow Maxime Bernier on Twitter. He is becoming so insufferable, getting into spats with other politicians. This time with drama queen Michelle Rempel - though he's working to grab that crown.