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The Case for a Simple Tax Code

 Taxes are something we all live with and pay. This includes young earners and the biggest businesses in the country. I hear politicians say that we need to cut taxes, others say we need to tax some demographic and others want to give tax credits to incentivize certain activities. One thing that is rarely discussed is the overall complexity of the current tax code and how complex should it be. The only time I heard of someone really talking about reducing the complexity of the tax code happened in the States by Rudy Giuliani in his 2008 Republican primary run. A lot of it reduced taxes, but the main premise behind it is that a person could do their taxes on a single page of paper . Other than Rudy, I haven't seem someone advocate for that reduced complexity. * That's not to say someone else's plan wouldn't reduce complexity - I'm emphasizing the advocation of such an idea. The Case Taxes are not an automatic process. You may have taxes automatically taken of